Dr. McCleave

We continue to grieve the passing of Dr. McCleave and although Anchorage OB/GYN will be closing as part of Dr. Merkouris joining Denali OB/GYN, we are still here to assist her patients and honor her memory. 

As there are many cogs in motion with our move and overall transition to Denali, until otherwise notified, Anchorage OB/GYN will remain the medical custodian of records; this means we will continue housing your records until you instruct us where to send them. You are more than welcome to join Dr. Merkouris at Denali OB/GYN or you are free to continue your care with any clinic/provider of your choosing. 

To request your records, simply fill out the form below. 

We do ask for 2 weeks to retrieve your file from the secure off site location. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition; know we are here help and should you have any questions, click here to email us directly. 

McCleave Archive Records Request

Dr. Rhene Merkouris, MD, PC...at your cervix.