Medical Records Requests 

This page has been designed as a quick and easy resource for all our patients, past, current and future, in an effort to keep you informed about the processes we've implemented for the migration of medical records which is a critical component of Dr. Merkouris' move to Denali Ob/Gyn. It is our goal to ensure the process of obtaining medical records is as easy and convenient for patients as possible. Once your patient status is determined (as described below), we will let you know whether a Release of Information (ROI) is required, where to submit it, how records are sent etc. 

*Note: Records requests for patients of Dr. McCleave, please click here

For established patients of Anchorage OB/GYN who wish to continue receiving care from Dr. Merkouris at Denali Ob/Gyn, no action on your part is required. Your records will be extracted from our old Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) and uploaded into your new electronic record at Denali. 

For established patients of Anchorage OB/GYN who wish to have their records sent to a new provider, simply fill out the online request and Release of Information (ROI) below.

For new patients who would like to transfer care to Dr. Merkouris, please contact Denali Ob/Gyn at (907) 222-9930 for appointment availability and instructions on how to have your records sent to their office. 


Medical Records Request